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Industry Changes and Future Trends for Electricians

November 03, 2022

The electrical industry is experiencing a major shift, with more and more people switching to digital devices. While this can cause some challenges for electricians who may not be as comfortable working with technology, it also creates an opportunity for those who have the right skills. The fact that the electrician is one of the most important parts of any construction project means that you need to be aware of what’s coming down the pike. In this post we’ll discuss some potential future trends for electricians and what will change in the future.

The Impact of a Digital World

As industries and businesses become more digital, electricians will have more opportunities to expand their skill sets. For example, smart systems are being integrated into almost every commercial project, which means that electricians will be needed to work with the increasingly complex digital systems. This is an exciting new area for the industry that is virtually guaranteed to grow as people become more and more reliant on technology in their daily lives.

Electricians will need to keep up with new technology and develop electrical skills as this continues to evolve. They’ll also need to stay abreast of changes in certification requirements so they can continue working safely and legally within their profession. It’s important that electricians keep their certifications up-to-date so they can continue providing exceptional service for clients who rely on them every day.

The Impact of Electrical Vehicles (EV) and Solar Power

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, electricians will be needed to install charging stations. In the future, many of these charging stations may be integrated with renewable sources such as solar panels. As the demand for electricity increases, so will the need for professionals who understand how to install and maintain these systems. 

Additionally, with the increased demand for renewable energy, electricians will be needed to install solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Further, as homes and businesses become more automated and connected to the internet, electricians will need to connect these devices with the electrical system. In fact, electrician jobs are expected to grow by 20 percent by 2024.

The Benefit of Diversified Skills in the Digital World

It is important for electricians to keep up with the latest technology and make sure that they have the necessary skills to do so. It’s a good idea for electricians to consider getting additional training in order to adapt more quickly to new technologies and trends.

Electricians will need to be able to install charging stations for electric vehicles, which require specialized knowledge because they are not simply plugged into an outlet like a regular battery-operated device. They also need certain building permits, which may require environmental assessments if solar power systems are involved. Electricians should be familiar with relevant laws regarding energy efficiency and conservation technologies such as LED lights or energy efficient appliances or refrigerators in order not only meet regulations but also help clients save money on their utility bills over time by buying products that use less electricity (or none at all).

Increased Opportunities for Managers

The increased demand for electricians also means an increased demand for management roles. Project managers, estimators, foremen, and other administrative roles are already in short supply, and are expected to become more so as the industry grows. This presents an excellent opportunity for skilled electricians to move up into new roles, or for those with experience in other areas of construction management to investigate the world of electrical construction.

At Con J. Franke, we are constantly investing in our workforce to identify employees who have the skills and desire to move into project management roles. Engaging electricians who already have experience in the industry to join our administrative staff makes them a great counterpart to the rest of the management team.

The future trends for electricians are bright. With the rise of automation and intelligent technology, there will be more demand for skilled workers who can keep up with these advances. It's important to diversify their skill set, become more familiar with the digital world, and be able to work with and understand new technologies. If you or someone you know is interested in pursuing a career as an electrician or project manager at Con J. Franke Electric, contact our office at (209) 462-0717 or visit our careers page to apply.