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Empowering Communities: Con J. Franke Electric Sparks Progress with The River Islands Booster Pump & Storage Tank Site Expansion Project

May 20, 2024

Con J. Franke Electric is proud to share our involvement with yet another transformative community endeavor! The River Islands Booster Pump & Storage Tank Site Expansion Project embodies a commitment to crafting a sustainable and reliable water supply to the growing population of the River Islands master-planned community nestled within Lathrop, CA.

At Con J. Franke Electric, we are honored to be at the forefront of powering this vision to become reality. This project, with an approximate (electrical) value of $1.4 million, is being led by Project Manager Shanon Baker and Foreman Dustin King. Our team embarked on this electrifying journey in January 2023, with anticipated completion by October 2024.

This project is shaping the future of water infrastructure. From two colossal 1,800,000-gallon welded-steel storage tanks with mixing equipment to a cutting-edge residual chlorine monitoring and control system, our work will ensure a safe, reliable water supply for generations to come.

Our commitment to excellence shines through every facet of the project, from the installation of a 4,000 gallons-per-minute (GPM) large booster pump; electrical, control, instrumentation, and programming upgrades; mechanical and process piping, valve installations, and associated fittings and accessories; to the installation of a new 1,000-kilowatt (kW) stand-by generator.

We are not alone in this journey. Con J. Franke Electric is partnered with Clark Brothers Inc. (Prime Contractor), and the expertise of our two trusted subcontractors – Primex Controls (Power Equipment & System Integrator) and Energy Systems (Generac Generator Supplier). Together we’re ensuring that every aspect of this project meets the highest standards of quality and precision.

Of course, no endeavor of this scale comes without its challenges. In addition to the challenges of working in on an existing system already in use, adjusting timelines to accommodate unforeseen manufacturing delays of critical equipment has been a test of our resilience. Con J. Franke Electric’s unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality results that exceed expectations remains steadfast.

As we navigate the complexities of this project, we are not just building infrastructure; we are building a legacy. By harnessing Con J. Franke Electric’s expertise in industrial electrical services, the River Islands Booster Pump & Storage Tank Site Expansion Project is poised to enhance water infrastructure and catalyze sustainable development initiatives across the region.

We are proud of our involvement to power progress in this new community.