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Con J. Franke Electric's Expertise Powers the LCWD Well 17 Treatment Plant and Storage Tank Project

March 04, 2024

Project Overview:

We are proud to highlight our involvement with the Linda County Water District (LCWD) Well 17 Treatment Plant and Storage Tank Project project this month. Like most of the projects that benefit our community, this project aims to enhance the water system infrastructure in Linda, CA.

As a leading provider of high-quality commercial electric solutions, Con J. Franke Electric’s expertise with the project enables a long-term, safe, and reliable water supply for the district.

This one-year project started in April 2023 and our total budget is $1,600,000 for the capital improvement project valued at $12,775,000.

Our work focuses on handling utility and other underground conduit and wire installations, two generator installations, and electrical wiring for lighting, pumps, and field instruments.

Phase 1:

Under Phase 1, we focused on key installation and construction activities. Con J. Franke Electric provided labor, materials, and equipment for the provision and installation of a vertical turbine well pump and motor. We also oversaw the construction of a concrete well pad, well drain manhole, and well discharge piping. For testing purposes, we facilitated temporary power and temporary hose connections.

Phase 2:

In Phase 2, we are providing all the electrical labor, materials, and equipment for construction of improvements at the Well 17 site and the water storage tank site. These include an aerator system and sump, a chlorinated water booster pump station, pressure filter water treatment system controls, a backwash tank, a concrete masonry unit (CMU) chemical/control building with electrical equipment, an on-site hypochlorite generation system, a 1.0-million-gallon (MG) water storage tank, and a filtered water pump station.

We are also managing the improvements to a pre-engineered electrical building, diesel engine generators, and motor control centers. By deploying a programmable logic controller (PLC)-based control system with a new cloud-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) monitoring system, we are ensuring optimal facility control of the instrumentation, site piping, and filtered water piping between the Well 17 site and water storage tank site.

Site improvements, including chain link fences, CMU wall systems, grading, paving, and drainage, are also part of this phase.


The Linda County Water District (LCWD) Well 17 project presents an opportunity for Con J. Franke Electric to utilize our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure the success of the project. It is also a pleasure for our team to collaborate with the General Contractor, Gateway Pacific, again.


One of the significant challenges we are facing during this project are the long lead times for securing the generators. However, the Con J. Franke Electric team's expert planning and coordination skills are allowing us to navigate this obstacle and plan for the installation within our deadline. This is a straightforward example displaying our adaptability and commitment to achieving a project's objectives.

The Con J. Franke Electric Team:

Our Con J. Franke Electric team has ten dedicated and experienced professionals. Project Manager Dan Simas and Foreman Mark Steelman are overseeing the entire project. Our team has worked diligently from the bid/estimating process at the start and will continue through the close-out stage, ensuring efficient management and execution. Additionally, we have involved several sub-contractors to support various aspects of the project, further strengthening the collaborative effort.

Additional Details:

The Well 17 project spans two Linda County Water District-owned parcels at/near the intersection of Linda Avenue and Stonehaven Drive, within Yuba County. A chemical control building is on one site, and an electrical building is on the other.

A new 15-foot-long, 16-inch-diameter pipeline connects the well and storage tank sites, consolidating the water system and enabling efficient water distribution.

The Linda County Water District (LCWD) Well 17 project underscores our commitment to providing high-quality commercial electrical solutions and our continued contribution to the creation of a long-term, safe, and reliable water supply for our community.