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Con J. Franke Electric Enhances the Resilience and Reliability of the San Andreas Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Plant

January 30, 2024

At Con J. Franke Electric, we are dedicated to providing high-quality commercial electric solutions that benefit our community. This month, we’re showcasing our involvement with the San Andreas Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) improvement project in San Andreas, California.

Valued at $928,700, this capital improvement project aimed to upgrade critical components of the WWTP. Starting in May 2022, our role centered on the installation of electrical distribution equipment in two key areas to fortify the facility’s resilience and reliability.

First, we addressed the deteriorating headworks, the point where raw wastewater enters the treatment plant. By connecting new headworks to the district’s remote supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) monitoring system, we minimized blockages and spills. This upgrade was crucial in sustaining the operation of the wastewater treatment plant, particularly during harsh winter conditions and storms.

In addition, we tackled the outdated irrigation pump station, replacing it with four new high-capacity pumps. This enhancement improves reliability and allows for remote monitoring, empowering the San Andreas Sanitary District to efficiently manage the facility’s operations.

Throughout the project’s lifecycle, our team displayed resilience and adaptability. Led by Assistant Project Manager Antonio Zuniga and Foreman Cody Craven, our dedicated team of over 20 members, comprising estimators and apprentices, ensured the project’s success.

Working in collaboration with controls system integrator, Tesco Controls, we brought an added layer of expertise to the project. Together, we successfully completed the start-up phase for the electrical distribution equipment, marking significant project and partnership milestones.

Complex projects like this one often encounter unforeseen challenges, however, Con J. Franke Electric thrives on problem-solving and adaptability. We encountered unexpected conditions within each treatment plant, prompting engineering and design adjustments. Our team displayed excellent problem-solving skills and commitment to delivering a robust and functional solution, ensuring the project stayed on track.

Despite setbacks and delays caused by supply chain issues and lead-time delays for critical electrical equipment, our team persevered. Alongside our partner, Gateway Pacific Contractors, we adeptly navigated these obstacles, never compromising the project’s quality or objectives.

As our involvement neared substantial completion in early 2024, we take pride in our contribution to creating a resilient and reliable wastewater treatment facility. Our work has enhanced the plant’s overall capabilities, allowing it to remain resilient and reliable, even during adverse weather events.

At Con J. Franke Electric, we consider every project an opportunity to benefit our community and the environment. Just as we have done with executing the installation of essential electrical distribution equipment, underground duct banks, control panels, and instrumentation systems for the San Andreas Sanitary District WWTP improvement project, we always strive to deliver long-term positive impacts.

It has been our honor to be part of this commercial electric project that has contributed to the well-being of our community. We look forward to more ways to continue to power progress.